8 Pro Tips to get fast Google AdSense Approval: Updated [2022]

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8 Pro Tips to get fast Google AdSense Approval: Updated [2022]

Google AdSense Approval Process

Hi, today I’m going to tell you 8 Pro Tips to get fast Google AdSense Approval: Updated [2022].

Everyone over the internet wants to earn decent money all over the world and there are ‘n’ numbers of different ways such as Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Become You Tuber, Social Media Influencer, Digital Creator and many more to generate revenue.

Blogging is one of the best methods that you can work for the long time and generate good income. If you have just launched a website and want to submit your website for Google AdSense Approval [2022], then don’t be hurry.

Here is 8 Pro Tips to get fast Google AdSense Approval

We must know some important things before applying for an Google AdSense Account Approval

(1) Responsive & AMP Website:

Make ensure your website is responsive and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) support. Google give preference to responsive and mobile friendly website. So design your website accordingly.

(2) Create Compulsory Pages:

Your website must have below compulsory pages-

  • Contact Page
  • About Us
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy

(3) High Quality & Unique Content:

Make ensure your website content should be unique, specific and of high quality. Do not copy-paste contents from other’s website. Keep in mind that your content should be created primarily to provide your visitors with a great user experience.

(4) Blogs Post Lenght:

Your blog or article post length may be vary depending on post topics and audience but minimum length of your blog should be 1000+ words so that it can perform better when it comes to ranking and SERPs.


(5) Write 10-12 Posts:

Before you apply for Google AdSense Approval, you should have minimum 10-12 unique and high quality posts on your website.

(6) No Copyright Images:

Never ever post someone others images try to make your own. You can easily create unique images by using free tools of Canva. If you download an image directly from Google and put it on your website then Google will never approve for AdSense.

(7) Remove Other Ads Network:

Make sure you remove any ads network you already had on your website. Don’t apply other ads network or affiliate link until you get AdSense approval. After getting AdSense approval you can apply any ads or affiliate linke.

(8) Posting Blog Post to Social Media Accounts:

To increase your presence and impression in Google Search Console it is a good practice to post your article’s link to your social media account. There are most chances of ranking in Google by posting your blog/article on social media account. You can use below Social Media Platform:

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest


Getting Google AdSense account approval is not difficult provided that you meet the criteria explained above (8 Pro Tips to get fast Google AdSense Approval: Updated 2022). Google AdSense is a great way to generate income, but always remember not to violate any AdSense policy for any reason otherwise your AdSense account might be blocked prior to any intimation.

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