How to take Brand Approval on Flipkart?

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Get Brand Approval On Flipkart Marketplace

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How to take Brand Approval on Flipkart?

“If you are a seller”, and don’t know “how to take brand approval on Flipkart”? then this article will be very helpful for you. Before selling on Flipkart marketplace we have to first take the approval of brand or product.

In this article, we will let you know in a very conceptual way that how you can approve your brand on Flipkart marketplaces.

First of all let’s discuss about Category

In Flipkart, the product has been classified into categories and sub-categories. There are some categories that are restricted only some authorized dealers and authorized people can sell in it.

There are some branded categories for which we have to produce a Brand authorization letter, Purchase Invoice or Trademark Certificate. Without anyone of these, we can not apply for brand approval. For e.g Mobile Phones, Adidas, Nike, etc

There are some categories that come under Food and Nutrition and for this we must have provided an FSSAI License Certificate.

There are some categories which require a physical mandatory audit by the flipkar. The audit will decide whether or not a seller is permitted to sell in the requested category/brand. Remember that the physical audit may not be for every category.

The physical audit depends on Flipkart policies. You can always verify auditable categories with their customer support. 

How to start listing a non-branded product on the basis of GSTIN only.

First of all, log in to the seller account.

Then Go to Listing>Add New Listing> Add a single listing

Now select Vertical and search category Leather & Travel Products then sub-category Bags and Fashion Accessories and product Bag. It will be asked to select brand and start selling in vertical.

brand approval on Flipkart

Now, search for a local brand name in the brand search box. It says you can start selling under this brand.

brand approval on Flipkart

If you search a branded one i.e Fossil, it asks you for brand approval.

brand approval on Flipkart

Now, Let’s proceed further for brand approval.

List of Documents required:

  1. Brand name & logo : You can too create your own log simply by visiting
  2. Product images with MRP
  3. Trademark certificate
  4. Brand authorization letter (from the brand owner)
  5. Invoice copy (Purchase bill) (for retailers)
  6. Category-specific govt license copy (E.g., FSSAI)- For Food & Nutrition product

Note: Any one out of 3, 4, and 5.

brand approval on Flipkart
brand approval on Flipkart

Finally, click apply button to submit the process. You get a pop-up ‘Form Submitted Successfully” which means your document is accepted. It will take around 48 hours for your brand approval or any error. You can track the status under the listing tab.


We hope, after reading this article, taking brand approval on Flipkart will be at your fingertips. However, if you still face any problems then feel free to contact us and drop your query in the below comment section.


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