How to list Products on Flipkart: The Complete Guide!

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How to list Products on Flipkart: The Complete Guide!

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Listing Products on Flipkart Marketplace

As Flipkart is one of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces in India, as of March 2017 it held a 39.5% market share of India’s e-commerce industry. More than 10 crores of registered customers, 10 million daily page visits, and 80 lakh shipments every month to over 1000 cities. Source: Being a seller you must know “How to list products on Flipkart?”

Before selling a product on Flipkart you have to first list and catalog your product. In this article, we will let you know how to products listing on Flipkart in a step-by-step process. 

What are the prerequisites for listing products on Flipkart?

Before moving ahead to the product listing on Flipkart you must have fulfilled the below criteria:

  1. Flipkart Seller Registration
  2. Your brand and category should be approved

If you want to know, “how to take brand approval on Flipkart?” then read our previous article

If you have fulfilled these two criteria then go ahead and start listing and cataloging your product.

First login to your Flipkart Seller, 

Go to “Listing” >“Add New Listing”

how to list product on flipkart

Here you will get two types of options:

  1. Add a Single Listing
  2. Add listing in Bulk

What is a Bulk listing?

If a unique product has different colors and sizes then select bulk listing as it reduces your time compared to a one-by-one single listing.

For e.g- T-Shirt

As in this post, we are learning a single product listing. So we will select “add a single listing”. 

After this select the relevant product category as per your approved brand by Flipkart. If you select any other brand category that is not approved by Flipkart then you will be asked for brand approval again.

If you have an approved brand list then select the category and proceed further.

how to list product on flipkart, product listing on flipkart

Now, we will have a list of sections to fill one by one, some fields are mandatory and some are optional. The mandatory fields are marked with (*). We must try to fill all the details properly to make the listing professional.

Let’s understand each step one by one:                                           


We can upload up to 8 images of the product, out of which two images are compulsory. The image orientation should be front, back, side, upper and lower, moreover, the image resolution should be not less than 500×500 pixels. The image should be on a white background and clear.

product listing on flipkart marketplace


Seller SKU ID (*) 

It is also called Stock-Keeping unit, a unique identifier or code for a product you want to list for sale. It should be an alphanumeric identifier such as MF02, AS041, etc.

product listing on flipkart marketplace


Listing Status (*)



It represents the Listing Status of the product. We need to select it “active”, so our listing is marked active. An inactive product listings are not accessed by the buyers


MRP (*)

Your Selling Price (*)

MRP (Maximum Retail Price) and selling price are two different prices. The selling price should always be below MRP. Calculate your selling price after the deduction of all the various charges which are incurred by Flipkart like fixed fees, commission and shipping charges, etc.


Fulfillment by (*)

  1. Seller
  2. Smart Seller

As you are new to Flipkart so select ‘Seller”

Procurement SLA(*)

  1. Instock
  2. Express
  3. Domestic Procurement

In “Instock” we select the time of shipment according to us and in “Express” the time of shipment is for one day. “That means, if we fail to ship the order within one day” then your seller account will be breached. So select either “Instock” or “Express” according to your convenience.

Stock  (*)

Fill in your stock quantity as per the availability.

Stock Available for buyers (Not compulsory)


Shipping Provider (*)

1. Seller

2. Flipkart

3. Seller And Flipkart

Flipkart offers self-shipment to some specific sellers, “In a very rare case if the product is heavyweight items then it offers you the self-shipment services”. So we have to select Flipkart. Flipkart Courier Partners “Ekart” logistics will collect orders from you and will ship them. 


Local Delivery Charge:

Zonal Delivery Charge:

National Delivery Charge:

product listing on flipkart marketplace, how to list products on flipkart

This section is not compulsory to fill out but if we do not fill this section then Flipkart deducts shipping charges from our sold items. Therefore, fill the delivery charges minimum of Rs.30 for Local Delivery Charge, Rs 45 for Zonal Delivery Charge, and Rs. 60 for National Delivery Charge.


1) Plus Listing

2) Non-Plus Listing

Plus listing is for plus members, whenever a plus member buys your product they don’t have to pay delivery charges and that delivery charge is deducted from the selling price of your sold items. But it also has an advantage that the rating of your product increases. I would recommend you select Plus Listing.



Length (*)

Breadth (*)

height (*)

In this section, we have to fill out the correct dimension of the product after packaging. The dimension means the length, breadth, height, and weight of the product.


Make ensure to provide the correct HSN code and Tax code (i.e GST Rate) of the product.

product listing on flipkart marketplace, how to list products on flipkart


Luxury Cess: (Not Mandatory)

Tax Code (GST Rate) Compulsory


Manufacturing details: (Not Mandatory)

Importer details: (Not Mandatory)

Packer details: (Not Mandatory)

product listing on flipkart

This section is not mandatory, however filling out these details makes product listing on flipkart more attractive moreover one who wants to buy your product in bulk can directly contact you.

12) Country of Origin: (*)

Earlier it’s not compulsory to fill the product’s country of origin but now it is mandatory. Select the name of the country from which your product is manufactured. 



“It depends on your product, let’s assume your product comes under category-apparel and sub-category T-Shirt.”

Then you have to provide the following details:


Style Code:





Brand Color:

Ideal for:



Pack of:

Fabric Care:


Suitable For:



This is a very important and tricky section in the whole listing process. Just find the related search keywords similar to your product by simply typing your product name in the Flipkart marketplace and write the keywords in this section,

product listing on flipkart




Provide the Key features, Additional details, and other details as per your product specification.

After adding all the details properly you will have to click “Send to the QC” (QC=Quality Check) at the bottom right corner option. You will be provided a request id by Flipkart to track approval requests. It usually takes 24-48 hours to approve your listing, however, “if there are any errors”, Flipkart will indicate them with specific error tags. You have to reply to the error-tag with the correct details and submit it again for QC.

product listing on flipkart, how to list products on flipkart marketplace

What to do if your products fail in ‘QC’?

If any error is found in ‘Quality Check’ then, Flipkart will indicate these errors along with the product attributes. You can promptly spot the errors with a specific error tag and provide the correct details. You just need to rectify them and submit the listing for QC again.

What are the common reasons for failing listing in QC?

  • Product image showing MRP.
  • Incorrect CMYK colour, blurred or unclear product images.
  • Back and front images of the product are missing.
  • Wrong product weight.
  • The Government license number is missing.
  • Product’s Mfg and Expirty date are missing.
  • The manufacturer’s details on product image are missing.


After going through this article, Product listing on Flipkart will be an easier task for you. However, if you find any difficulties in product listing on Flipkart, feel free to contact us at the below email id.


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