Create Listing and Cataloguing Products on Paytm Mall: The Complete Guide!

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Create Listing and Cataloguing Products on Paytm Mall: The Complete Guide!

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Paytm Mall was launched by PayTM in 2017, it has more than 1.4 lakh registered sellers. Moreover, Alibaba Group which is the 31st largest public company in the world, according to ‘Forbes Global list 2020’ has its 7.18% investment in Paytm. As a seller, you must sell your products on Paytm mall to generate more revenue. Only listing products on Paytm Mall is not sufficient to get more orders, what you have to do is to make your listing and cataloguing products more effective to get enough customer attention and conversion.

Create listings and cataloguing products on Paytm Mall is not a hard nut to crack, it just takes some time and basic steps to be followed.

In this article, you will learn step by step process to Create Listing and Cataloguing Products on Paytm Mall.

How to create/list products on Paytm Mall?

There are two types of product Creation/Listing on Paytm Mall.

  1. Single Product Creation
  2. Bulk Product Creation

In this article, we would learn about single product creation/listing.

Single Product Creation/Listing

First of all, log in to Paytm Mall by entering your registered user id and password.


Now, Click on Catalogue


After clicking ‘Catalogue’ a new pop-up window ‘Add New Product’ visible

Note: Please make ensure that your brand must be authorized for the products you are going to add to the listing. If not authorized then the system will display an error ‘Allowed only for authorized sellers’. For Listing such products you will be required to submit the application for brand authorization on letter/ Trademark Certificate/Food/Drug Licenses.

Want to learn how to take a brand authorization on Paytm Mall? Visit the below link.

Have already taken the brand authorization letter? If yes! then proceed further & click on ‘Add New Product‘, list of categories will be displayed.


For an instance, take the example of a category ‘Women’s Fashion’.

Then, click on the (+)sign before the required category and select the name of the sub-category and click on the search option. By using this option you can save your time, now click on the next button to proceed further.

Women’s Fashion> Western Wear> Sportswear> Sports T-Shirts


Next, we will go to the next tab that is ‘Product Details’ which contain the following attributes:-

  1. Catalogue Tab Mandatory Form
  2. Recommended Product Attributes
  3. Manufacturer Details
  4. Dimension and Packaging Weight Details
  5. Return Policy
  6. Title
  7. Description

1) Catalogue Tab Mandatory Form

It contains the following product mandatory(*) attributes


Product Name*:

Merchant SKU*: Make it unique and alpha-numeric.

MRP*(in INR):

Your Price (in INR)*: The product selling price is always less than MRP.






Note: Fill in the required details as per your products.


2) Recommended Product Attributes

Wash Care: wash care refers that how to clean and care for the product.

Disclaimer: It is generally a statement intended to specify or delimit the scope of rights and obligations.


3) Manufacturer Details

If Country of Origin is India (Manufacturers details are compulsory to be filled):

Manufacturer Information (As stamped on the Product/Packaging):

  • Name: Name of the Manufacturer
  • Address: Address of the Manufacturer
  • Pincode:

If Country of Origin is other than India (Importer details are compulsory to be filled):

Importer Information (As stamped on the Product/Packaging):

  • Name:
  • Address:
  • Pincode:

Find below the format to provide the Manufacturer and Importer details:

 Country of origin is IndiaIf the Country of Origin is other than IndiaIf the Country of Origin is other than India
Column typeManufacturing DetailsManufacturing DetailsImporter Details
AddressPlot/Shop No. Sector/ Local Area Address, Any Landmark
Other Country address with the same formatPlot/Shop No. Sector/ Local Area Address, Any Landmark
Pin codeSix digit pin codeOther Country pin codeSix digit pin code

4) Dimension and Packaging Weight Details

Packaging Dimensions*: Put the dimensions of your product in length, breadth, and height (In Cm, Inch & feet).

Packaging Weight (in Grams)*: Provide the accurate weight as it affects the shipping cost.

Can be shipped in (days)*: Try to make it a maximum of 2 days for the customer satisfaction and product ratings.

Don’t forget to click on ‘Validate Details‘ after filling in all the details.


5) Return Policy

Return policy is managed and controlled by the Paytm Mall as per the category of the product.

Now, we get the option to upload the product images.

6) Title

This is the most important section of the listing. It is the name and search keyword of your product. Through this, a customer search for your product. Make ensure to begin your title with the main keyword.


7) Description

It is optional but doesn’t leave it blank. It provides customers with important information about the features and benefits of the product so they can decide to buy.


Catalogue Image Guideline:

According to Paytm Mall, the minimum resolution of the images should be 300×300 pixels and the maximum file size of the images should not be greater than 30MB.

Try to upload the maximum images and image orientation should be front, back, side, upper so that it looks more attractive and reliable to the customer.


What is a Quality Check (QC)?

After the final submission of the listing process, the product will go for a Quality check (QC). A Quality Check is a process of verifying product details that you have submitted. There are three types of Quality Check-

Stage.1 – Under quality check

Stage.2 – Quality check approved

Stage.3 – Quality check rejected

You can check the status of QC by simply login to the Paytm Mall

Dashboard > My listing > Add New Listing > Single listing > QC status

Hardly, it takes 2-3 working days to get your QC of the product approved. Once it’s approved, will get live in your catalogue.

Reason for Quality Check (QC) Rejection:

There are various reasons due to which your QC may be rejected.

  • The product details don’t match with the quality check criteria
  • Product attribute is not in line with the image.
  • Product name is not in line with brand name.
  • Image guidelines have not been followed properly
  • Listing of restricted products.

You can also ammend the product by clicking on product details.

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