Rental Agreement Draft: New Delhi

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Rental Agreement Draft: New Delhi

In this article, we’ll learn everything about the rental agreement draft used in Delhi.

What are the important things to be noted before preparing a rental agreement draft?

There are various things, you must be aware of that

1.What is the period of rental agreement in Delhi?

Generally, the rental agreement period in Delhi is for 11 months. This is so to avoid the strict rental law.

2. What is the prescribed e-stamp paper used in the Rent agreement of Delhi?

There is not a fixed e-stamp paper used but it is recommended to make a rent agreement on e-stamp paper of a minimum of Rs. 50 or higher of that to avoid any legal issue occurs in the future.

3. Who is the authorized person to attest the rent agreement?

It depends upon both parties, they can attest it from a notary public or registered from Sub-Registrar Office. The registered agreement from the sub registrar’s office is more secure.

Find below the draft rental agreement:


This Lease/Rental Agreement made at New Delhi on this_____________________ (Mention date on which this agreement is made) between __________________________________________(Owner’s Name & Address) hereinafter referred to as “The LESSORS” which expression shall unless repugnant to the context includes the said LESSORS, her heirs, successor, executors, administrators, legal representative, nominee(s) and assignees of the First Party.


________________________________________________(Tenant’s Name & Address) hereinafter referred to as “The LESSEE” which expression shall unless repugnant to the context includes his heirs, successors, executors, administrators, legal representatives, nominee(s), and assignees of the Second Party.

WHEREAS the LESSORS is the absolute owner and is in possession of ____________________(full rental address) and has agreed to let out the same to the LESSEE with all the fittings, Fixtures, to the LESSEE as mentioned above, on the following agreed on terms and conditions.

And whereas the LESSEE has approached the LESSORS to let out the said premises for Residential/Commercial purpose for a period of (Eleven) Months only, w.e.f. (Mention rental period).

And whereas the LESSORS has agreed to let out and the LESSEE has agreed to take on rent the above mentioned flat on the following terms and conditions:

That the premises ____________(Rental Address) will be let out to the LESSEE for a period of 11 (Eleven) Months only w.e.f. _________________________(Mention period)

That the LESSEE has agreed to pay the rent at the rate of Rs. ________/- (Rupees in words) per month and Rs._________/- (Rupees in words) as a security deposit for having taken the above-mentioned Premises through cheques or online payment latest by___7th day of each English calendar month for the entire lease/rental period. 

General Terms and Conditions

  1. That the premises will be solely used by the LESSEE only for the Residential/Commercial purpose only.
  2. That if the Lease extended further after the expiry of 11 months then the rent will be increased minimum @10% every year or market going rent on mutual consent by both the parties.
  3. The LESSEE undertakes to clear and pay all dues in respect of electricity and water, to the Authorities/departments concerned directly and shall not default thereof. The LESSEE further undertakes that if due to default on the LESSEE part, the electricity or water connection is disconnected / disrupted by authority/department concerned, then in that event LESSEE shall get that restored at cost and expenses.
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  5. That if the LESSEE or the LESSORS wants to vacate or get the said premises, the LESSEE/LESSORS shall give three Month’s advance notice.
  6. That the LESSEE shall permit the LESSORS or his authorized representative to enter upon the demised premises for inspection and carry out repair with prior appointment.
  7. No claim can be brought by the LESSEE against the interest of the LESSORS except as covered under this agreement in the said property and the LESSEE hereby agrees to indemnity the LESSORS in respect of any such eventualities.
  8. That the LESSEE shall not carry out any additional, alteration or structural changes in the flat in question. The LESSEE shall comply with the rules and regulations of all local and central authorities and shall not violate the Acts, Laws or bye-laws of the local and central authorities.
  9. In case if rent is not paid as per the agreement then the LESSORS shall have the right to get the premises vacated. 
  10. That the sanitary, electrical and other fittings and fixtures in the demised premises shall be returned. by the LESSEE to the LESSORS at the time of handing over the demised premises in as good condition as they are at present subject to normal wear and tear or damages caused by Act of GOD.
  11.  That on expiry of the lease period or earlier termination of the lease deed the LESSEE shall hand over the vacant possession of the premises to the LESSORS or his authorized agent and the LESSORS will refund the security deposit subject to clause number 3 of this Lease Deed.
  12.  The LESSORS will not be liable for any pending Telephone / Mobile bills, Government / Private Bank recovery / Bank Loan / transaction etc. under the name of LESSEE.
  13.  After expiry of the lease , the LESSEE shall hand over the peaceful possession of the said premises to the LESSORS, in the event of any default on the account of the LESSEE, the LESSEE shall pay a daily rent of Rs. ______/- (Rupees in words) per day for extended occupation or holding possession of the said premises.
  14.  The original of the agreement will be retained by the LESSORS and its photocopy duly self-attested will be retained by the LESSEE.
  15.  That on the expiry of the lease period if the LESSEE continues to occupy the premises beyond the lease period without prior consent of the LESSORS, the status of the LESSEE shall be of a trespasser in addition to recovering penal rent.
  16.  All disputes and claims would be the subject matter of jurisdiction of Delhi/New Delhi Courts only.

In WITNESS WHEREOF both the parties have signed the Agreement on the day, month and year mentioned above. 


(Landlord’s Signature)


(Tenant’s Signature)


Two witnesses are required with their name, address, contact number, and signature.

You can download Rent Agreement draft from below link:

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